Gabby Whiten


Gabby is recognized as the Rising Star of the Year for incredible accomplishments as a new content creator in the influencer space. She started her first blog in 2015 but only recently dedicated more time to expanding her content and reach, and has grown significantly since then. As a plus-sized, African American content creator, Gabby hopes to continue to inspire the next generation of minority women and to contribute to the conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion in the creative industries. Check out her Instagram and blog and learn more about her below!

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When did you start creating content? What was your motivation?

I started creating content in high school! I had a Youtube channel where I filmed makeup tutorials, hauls, and all of the popular tags of the time. As much as I loved it, I stopped for a while to focus on college applications and other extracurriculars. In the summer of 2015, I co-founded the college lifestyle blog, The Swirl, with my friend, Hannah. When I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May of last year, I shifted my focus from college lifestyle to lifestyle for the city-living gal on the go. I also started vlogging my life in New York City in the fall of last year and I loved the content I was creating on this platform so much that I re-branded the blog to be "Gabby In the City" in late 2018!

I started blogging because I wanted a creative hobby to help my brain relax after hours of chemistry homework. It was also extremely hard to find bloggers that were African American and/or STEM-focused who also loved to blog about fashion, pop culture, and their college experiences. So, I decided to throw my hat in the ring of the blogging world. Vlogging is really a way for me to create a digital video scrapbook of my own memories. I love that my vlogs can also be a source of entertainment and travel inspiration too!

What's your favorite thing about creating content and the work that you do?

My favorite thing about creating content is the community of bloggers and followers that I have been able to connect with over the years. I have made some of my best friends during this adventure and it's absolutely incredible that those relationships started on the internet. Photography is definitely my favorite part of the creative process now. It's become a passion and side-hustle of mine and I love to track my growth from when I first got my camera two years ago to now!

What's your favorite thing about the InfluenceHer Collective?
I absolutely love that the InfluenceHer Collective is able to connect micro- and nano-influencers to some of the most amazing brands. I have been able to participate in some of the coolest campaigns and brand events because of my membership! It has also been a great way to connect with other content creators who are in similar niches and/or who live in the same cities.

Are you currently working on any cool projects or posts?

There will be tons of fun travel content coming to the blog and my YouTube channel this summer and I am beyond excited. Overall, I’m currently trying to refine my new branding and improve my video editing skills! I’ll be exploring more of New York City and eventually I plan on writing my own take on an Instagram-able, yet unpredictable guide to NYC. I’m in a season where I really want to hone in on what I’ve already started and continue to give it my 100%. That being said, I’m always grinding my creative gears to think about new ventures into other mediums too!

What are some of your favorite brands (and brands that you'd love to collaborate with)?


Trader Joe's and Old Navy are probably the brands that I talk about and tag the most! I would obviously love to collaborate with both of them. First Aid Beauty, Nikon, Casetify, The Day Designer, Longchamp, and Desenio are some of my favorite brands too. I'd also love to work with brands who are killing it in the plus size fashion market! Soncy, ASOS, and BooHoo are all on my list. My dream collaboration would be Delta Airlines!

How do you feel about being selected as an InfluenceHer Award winner?

I am excited, grateful, honored, and shocked! All of the nominees in my category are creating top-notch content and to be considered among such a talented group was an honor in itself! Also, It was heartwarming to get so much feedback and well wishes from my readers and followers especially those who have supported me from the beginning. I feel so very thankful for such a supportive community behind my little corner of the internet. I can't wait to connect with more creatives and to create more content!

Check out Gabby’s Instagram and blog!

The Her Campus Team