Grace Lee


Grace is recognized as the InfluenceHer of the Year a seasoned content creator and veteran InfluenceHer Collective member who is creating consistently beautiful content, producing impressive sponsored work, and staying active and engaged in the blogging community. A member of the IHC since 2015, Grace can be found traversing the globe, showcasing high and low fashion, and sharing life advice. Check out her Instagram and blog and learn more about her below!

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When did you start creating content? What was your motivation?

I started blogging and creating content in 2010. I never knew blogging would open so many doors and opportunities for me, and I never started for that reason. I started because I found joy in taking photos, documenting my personal style, and sharing bits and pieces of my life. My biggest motivation was wanting to help others find their own style and voice. I wanted to pursue fashion, and found that blogging allowed me to do both.

What's your favorite thing about creating content and the work that you do?

I love being able to have my own creative direction with the work that I do. That freedom allows me to feel like my voice is being heard. I realized over the years that being creative through photos and video content is what makes me truly happy. It fuels my fire to keep going.

What's your favorite thing about the InfluenceHer Collective?

My favorite thing about InfluenceHer Collective is that it brings brands and content creators together. Networking and communication is crucial for this industry, and I love what InfluenceHer Collective is doing to help make that connection possible and feasible.

Are you currently working on any cool projects or posts?

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Yes! I am currently working on a couple of projects for Spring. Right now, I'm working on a fun wine project and some Spring looks.

What are some of your favorite brands (and brands that you'd love to collaborate with)?

Some of my favorite brands include Henri Bendel (so sad they closed), & Other Stories, ASOS, Kendra Scott, Neutrogena, Zara, and TopShop.

I'd love to collaborate with Tresemme, Kate Spade, Canon, Equinox, Victoria's Secret, and Nike.

How do you feel about being selected as an InfluenceHer Award winner?

I am beyond grateful and still in shock over the news. I'm thankful to be a part of this amazing community, and for all the wonderful opportunities I've been able to experience, and brands I've been able to work with because of InfluenceHer Collective. Thank you so much!

Check out Grace’s Instagram and blog!

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