Marj Suarez


As the Lifestyle InfluenceHer of the Year, Marj is recognized for sharing anything and everything that’s going on in her life. She has found such success in the industry because she’s so authentically herself and doesn’t try to be anyone else. Check out her Instagram and blog and learn more about her below!

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When did you start creating content? What was your motivation?

I started personal blogging in 2009 because I wanted to share the things that I love. Eventually, I transitioned as a brand in 2014 and my motivation was my passion and the people who believe in what I do. I get to inspire and encourage a lot of people through my lifestyle and story and that is more than enough.

What's your favorite thing about creating content and the work that you do?

My favorite thing is doing what I love and not feeling like I'm doing it because I'm a blogger or because I have to. It's more like a fun day of creating content than requiring myself to get the job done!

What's your favorite thing about the InfluenceHer Collective?

My favorite thing about InfluenceHer Collective is that they value their Content Creators. They know that this industry requires a lot of time and effort and IHC never fails to recognize and compensate that. All the more, they connect us to brands that we think are unreachable.

Are you currently working on any cool projects or posts?

Yes! I'll be sharing and speaking about VIDEO EDITING at the DC Bloggers event here in Washington DC. I was also able to work with Mazda on a very cool lifestyle campaign and I cannot wait to share them! We have a lot of staycations line-up this year too which a lot of my friends/followers love because they get to discover new places through me!

What are some of your favorite brands (and brands that you'd love to collaborate with)?

I love brands that are well thought out and have great stories to tell. Few of them are MEJURI, FOLLAIN, DANIEL WELLINGTON, REFORMATION, and PACKAGE FREE SHOP.

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How do you feel about being selected as an InfluenceHer Award winner?

Being a nominee along with amazing bloggers was already humbling, and winning the Lifestyle InfluenceHer of the Year was overwhelming in a very good way! It just proves that it's not about the numbers and followers the quality of work the impact that a blogger/influencer does to make Social Media a better and a friendlier place to be in.

Check out Marj’s Instagram and blog!

The Her Campus Team