Rachel Rusian


As the Most Innovative InfluenceHer of the Year, Rachel goes the extra mile to get a cool shot, produces content with a different perspective, and stands out in a sea of other content creators. Rachel started creating content to showcase her creativity and love for fashion and has since carved her space in the influencer industry as a not-so-typical fashion blogger account. Check out her Instagram and blog and learn more about her below!

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When did you start creating content? What was your motivation?

I wanted to start creating content as soon as I moved to New York (about three years ago), but between school, work, and internships I just didn’t have the time to fully commit. It wasn't until about a year ago, when I graduated from college and started a full-time job, that I had some extra time to finally begin creating content and showcasing my creativity. My goal was to create a page that was fashion and beauty related- but only promoting vegan and cruelty-free products. My motivation is to prove to people that you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to make ethical choices. I believe in a future where fashion and beauty are completely cruelty-free, and I want my page to make other people believe that too.

What's your favorite thing about creating content and the work that you do?

I have always been such a creative person. When I was younger I would paint and sell my artwork and hair bows that I made with my sewing machine, and in school I always looked forward to creative projects and presentations. As I graduated college and stepped into the "real world" I began to realize that I was no longer expressing myself like I used to. Creating content allows me to show who I am and work my creative muscles. 

What's your favorite thing about the InfluenceHer Collective?

InfluenceHer Collective is by far the best resource to find the coolest collaborations- but above that it's an amazing community of fellow content creators. I love going through the #InfluenceHerCollective hashtag and finding new people to follow. Everybody is so inspiring and it's so great to have a community of girls on Instagram who understand and support each other. My favorite part about the InfluenceHer Community is that everybody finds a way to incorporate their own beliefs into their platform. I follow a lot of InfluenceHers who use their platform to talk about feminism and women empowerment- their content is truly so inspiring. 

Are you currently working on any cool projects or posts?

I will be traveling abroad for the first time very soon; I am beyond excited to explore, adventure, and share these new experiences through my content! Pretty much all of my pictures on Instagram were taken in New York, so it will be so much fun to switch things up and create travel content. I also have a couple fun collaborations that I'll be posting soon- make sure to follow along so you can see!

What are some of your favorite brands (and brands that you'd love to collaborate with)?

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The first brand I ever fell in love with was Betsey Johnson. Her designs are so much fun (and her bags are faux leather)! I live and breathe fashion, so naturally I have a ton of “favorite” brands. However, when it comes to brand collaborations, the most important thing for me is the message behind the brand. I want to use my platform for GOOD, so it’s important to me that the companies I work with share the same ideals. For example, I wouldn’t be comfortable posting about a product that uses real leather or tests on animals.

How do you feel about being selected as an InfluenceHer Award winner?

I am beyond grateful to be selected as an InfluenceHer Award winner! Creating content is so much fun, but it's a ton of hard work, of course! It's really nice to feel like the hard work has paid off; Being recognized for my content is such an amazing feeling. 

Check out Rachel’s Instagram and blog!

The Her Campus Team