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For the first time ever, we’re publicly recognizing InfluenceHer Collective members for their amazing content. Whether you’re a veteran IHC member or brand new, whether you have 100,000 followers or 100, and whether you cover travel, fashion, or anything in between, we’re honoring YOU - our best and brightest, up-and-coming influencers. See the nominees below.

For more information on this year’s awards, including a timeline, prizing info, and FAQs, see here.


The Beauty InfluenceHer of the Year is recognized for creating engaging content in the skincare and beauty space, featuring her favorite makeup products, skincare routine, self-care tips, hair tutorials, etc.


The Fashion InfluenceHer of the Year is celebrated for her style- and fashion-focused content, like OOTDs, how to style new trends, where to find the best deals on fashion, and more.



The Travel InfluenceHer of the Year is known for bringing her audience on exciting journeys, sharing travel guides, packing tips, travel hacks, and more.


The Lifestyle InfluenceHer of the Year is recognized for sharing about her home/work life, recipes, wellness tips and tricks, interior decorating, and everything in between.


The Most Inspiring InfluenceHer of the Year uses her platforms to spark change and empower her audience to try new things, creates content that inspires others to follow suit, and isn’t afraid to share her personal stories.


The Most Innovative InfluenceHer of the Year goes the extra mile to get a cool shot, produces content with a different perspective, isn’t afraid to try new features on platforms as they arise, and stands out amongst the crowd of other content creators.


Rising Star of the Year: We’re recognizing an up-and-coming InfluenceHer who has just begun her content creation journey and/or is working hard to build up her audience, content, and strategy. Nominees for this category have 5,000 Instagram followers or fewer, and/or have started creating content publicly no earlier than January 1, 2018.


The InfluenceHer of the Year is a seasoned content creator and InfluenceHer Collective member who is recognized for creating consistently beautiful content, producing impressive sponsored work, and staying active and engaged in the blogging community.