Having recently launched the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition console (a disc-free, affordable console perfect for Gen Z), Xbox sought to bring awareness to their new product and specifically break down the stigma between girls and gaming. By activating influencers to tell their personal experiences, Xbox was able to reach Gen Z customers and share stories of women breaking down those barriers.

The InfluenceHer Collective activated 20 millennial and Gen Z micro-influencers to receive the new console and a 30-day Game Pass subscription, then share their authentic experiences. Influencers wrote about how gaming has brought them closer to friends and family, helped them de-stress, and ___ and shared their stories across their blogs and Instagram. Five of the selected influencers were also given the opportunity to host a giveaway of the new console with their followers, encouraging more interaction and engagement with the brand and these audiences.

Average Engagement Rate: 6.96%

Campaign Content and Commentary

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